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BC Practice Driving Test

  1. Driving in the winter requires drivers to have additional skills, abilities & knowledge!Allow yourself extra time when you know conditions are bad or the temperature is near the freezing mark.
  2. Check the temperature before you go out of the house in the morning – if the temperature is near freezing, there will be "black"ice—drive accordingly.

peterbiltdownhillsnowIn recent winter months, I’ve taken a couple of students out on mountain trips. These consist of 8-hours in the truck driving through remote country in south-central British Columbia.

When the student arrives, my personal vehicle is parked beside the "big truck". From there I'm loading supplies into the rig: clothes consisting of ski jacket, snow pants, mitts, scarves and a touque. Blankets and enough food for a couple of days complete the list of supplies.

Cement TrucksFor a number of people, a Class 3 licence offers tremendous opportunities and advancement. Costs, course brevity, and curriculum manageability see students enter their commercial driving career with a Class 3 licence. And for Kirk--a student that started his training in December 2014--he was happy with the opportunities a Class 3 licence afforded him.

Whether getting a new licence or upgrading, driver training is your best option when learning how to drive.

Professional driver training for getting a new licence or upgrading to a higher-class licence has become pretty much standard practice. Driving schools do two tasks in the time that they’re with students:

  1. teach them to drive;
  2. teach them how to pass a road test.


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