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BC Practice Driving Test

  1. Driving in the winter requires drivers to have additional skills, abilities & knowledge!Allow yourself extra time when you know conditions are bad or the temperature is near the freezing mark.
  2. Check the temperature before you go out of the house in the morning – if the temperature is near freezing, there will be "black"ice—drive accordingly.
  3. Always, always pass snowplows and other winter maintenance vehicles on the left.
  4. Know that bridges and overpasses freeze first.
  5. Know that it is more slippery when the temperature is near the freezing mark, than when the temperature is -10°C for example.
  6. Ensure that your windshield washer tank is topped up with “winter” windshield fluid.
  7. Braking and steering are separate actions when turning corners or steering.
  8. If your vehicle loses traction, release the brake or throttle and steer in the direction you want the vehicle to go.
  9. Do the bulk of your braking before you get to where you want stop, and then creep up to where you want to stop.
  10. Slow down when light and weather conditions deteriorate.