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BC Practice Driving Test

trailerTis the season – for boats, RVs & trailer that is. For some, pulling and backing a trailer is as easy as falling off the proverbial roof. For others, this task proves more daunting.

bill walker rick
Extreme Pro student Bill Walker (right) proudly displaying his certificate of completion with instructor Rick August.

Bill Walker came to Extreme Professional Driver Training in late-August 2014. He was a big, affable guy that people like instantly. He worked at an auto parts store in Vernon. Bill told us that he would be retiring in a few years; his goal, he said, was to have “a better brand of tequila” while relaxing on the sandy beaches of Mexico. Bill’s wife originated from Latin America, and his plan was to retire there.

yellow parking brakeExplanation of ICBC’s Air Brake Endorsement

Available from:

Getting an on-highway air brake endorsement in B.C.

poolThe swimming pool that is the trucking industry does not have a shallow end. The pool doesn’t have stairs or ladders leading into the pool. In fact, a fence surrounds it and the only access for novice drivers into the pool is via the diving board. Once in, many feel the sudden shock of “sink or swim.


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