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BC Practice Driving Test

red truck and trailer

This program provides the student with the basic knowledge and practical skills necessary to become an entry-level truck driver. All in-vehicle instruction at Extreme Professional Driver Training is one-on-one instruction with a licenced ICBC instructor.

The student and instructor will work in-town and rural routes. Class 1 driver training includes pre-trip and 2 hour road tests at ICBC. Training will be done on a full size tractor-trailer unit, loaded at 70% of legal axle weight.

Most students will complete this portion of the training in 32 hours.

Students must pass their Air Brake knowledge test prior to their road test.

Extra Costs to Students

  • Road Test Fee - $60.00
  • Licensing fee - $17.00
  • Medical form processing fee - $28.00
  • Medical examination fee – Prices vary between doctors
  • Class 1 learners written - $15.00
  • Air Brake written - $15.00
  • If writing Class 1 Learners and Air Brake tests on the same day, there will be a one-time charge of $15.00


Students must give 24 hours notice if not able to attend scheduled lessons or they will be charged for those missed lessons.


trucks in row

Extreme Professional Driver Training Inc. is HST Exempt.

We have 3 different basic courses. Choose from either a 32, 40, or 60 hour course. These driver education programs provide a student with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to be an entry-level truck driver. It consists of one-on-one training with a professional, certified instructor with in-town instruction as well as rural routes.

All training is carried out in a tractor-trailer combination loaded to 70% of the legal axle weight.

These courses includes:
  • Turning;
  • Shifting a non-synchromesh transmission; 
  • Pre-trip inspection; 
  • Uncouple/couple; 
  • Backing

Student Prerequisites:

19 years of age and valid Class 1 learners license.

Extreme Professional Driver Training Inc. is tax deductible.