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BC Practice Driving Test

Schooltruck 1111

Provides student's with advanced driver training that allow them to move seamlessly into a trucking career.

The purpose of Extreme Professional Driver Training’s Highway training program is to provide new drivers with advanced driving skills. These techniques, skills and knowledge will allow new drivers to work compentently in the trucking industry.

The course content is designed to develop efficient and effective, knowledgeable truck drivers who can perform their duties at an industry acceptable level.

This course includes:

  • 16 hours of ICBC Certified Air Brake instruction

73 Hours Of Class One Basic/Mountain-Highway Driver Training

73 hours with your instructor and truck. This will be one to one instruction by one of our professional, ICBC Certified instructors. This time includes

Hours of Service Regulations /Log Books, Load Securement

Tire Chain-up and Winter Driving Preparation

ICBC road test

Highway training sessions will be approximately 8 hours in duration. During the highway training you will visit scales, occasionally drive in adverse conditions, visit brake checks and learn highway speed shifting. It is a great learning experience. Your certified ICBC Instructor will not put you in a situation that you cannot handle. Your confidence will grow as your progress in the program.

Your certified ICBC Instructor will provide a comfortable learning environment where you will learn advanced driving skills. As you progress in the program, so too will your confidence.

Extra Costs to Students Charged by ICBC:

  •       Road Test Fee - $ 60.00
  •       Licensing Fee - $ 17.00
  •       Medical Form Processing Fee - $ 28.00
  •       Air Brake Written - $ 15.00
  •       Medical Examination Fee - Approx. $ 80 - $ 130.00
  •       Class 1 Learners Written - $ 15.00

If writing Class 1 Learners and Air Brake tests in the same day, total cost is $ 15.00

 Students must give 24 hours notice if not able to attend scheduled lessons or they will be charged for those missed lessons.

Extreme Professional Driver Training Inc. fees are Tax Exempt and are Tax Deductible